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Douglas Werner
Oblik Studio, Inc.

Raised in France and working in Brooklyn, Douglas Werner, owner and master fabricator at Oblik Studio Incorporated makes custom, ready-made freestanding furniture and accessories. These pieces are made from sustainably sourced or reclaimed metals, primarily steel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, brass and copper. He uses his own creativity in designing and fabricating luxury furnishings with clean, modern lines and a strong, old time, vintage feel.

“Growing up on the rustic coastline of Brittany, I was always fascinated with the corroding effects of time and the elements on metals. Beaches and coves are marked with the natural patina of steel, copper, bronze and aluminum wrecks left behind by maritime history,” says Douglas Werner. Oblik thrives to express the sensitive experience and beauty of exposed aging metal and the stories that it tells.

Oblik Studio combines functionality with modern and historical lines while using and combining different metals whenever possible. Working and dealing with the constraints of such tough and versatile materials can be a challenge, as well as an inspiration. My goal is to grow my business without sacrificing my strong belief in working locally and with unique highly detailed craftsmanship. Each piece is unique, and variations may occur in color and texture due to the nature of the materials.